Growth Readiness Assessment

Growth Readiness Workshop

one on one leadership coaching


What would it mean if you could achieve sustained revenue and profit growth year over year?

What would be the value for you to have a clearer plan for growth?

We are specialists in coaching for business performance at assisting our clients determine how best to create growth and realize increased value in their business and people. Growing a company to create value for the owners and/or shareholders takes expertise and skill – and it is something we have been helping our clients do successfully for over 16 years.

In a workshop environment, aided by validated assessment software, we help you better understand the 8 Levers of Equity Growth, perform a gap analysis to identify your company’s strengths and developmental areas in each of the levers (80 KPI’s), model your current market valuation, scenario model future valuations and produce a prioritized value growth plan.

If you are serious about growing your business and want to learn more – Get in touch with us today.